No technical problems were evident on a Sukhoi Superjet 100 test aircraft before it suffered a landing accident at Reykjavik.

Sukhoi says the aircraft was performing crosswind tests at Keflavik airport as part of Category IIIa automatic approach certification when the accident occurred. The tests also included single-engine approaches.

The aircraft "touched the runway with retracted landing gear", the airframer states.

But it adds that, at the time of the accident, "all aircraft systems were functioning normally".

Flightpath tracking data indicates that the aircraft, serial number 95005, was performing a second approach to runway 11, in crosswind conditions, having made multiple approaches to runway 20.

The accident occurred 05:25 local time.

Images show the aircraft came to rest on its aft fuselage and engine pods. The forward evacuation slide was activated.

Sukhoi expects to repair the Superjet and return it to the test fleet.

Three crew members and two certification personnel were on board at the time, one of whom was injured during the evacuation.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news