Delta Air Lines will install Aviation Partners Boeing winglets on 63 aircraft, including 15 Boeing 767-300ERs, 10 757-200s and 38 737s. The agreement, announced yesterday at the show, includes options to install winglets on all aircraft in the three fleets. It represents the first time that Delta has installed winglets on any of its aircraft.
“You’ll likely see additional aircraft fitted with the winglets as we go forward,” says Delta chief operating officer Jim Whitehurst. Delta says the winglets will improve its operating and fuel efficiency, and give the carrier greater flexibility to serve more markets with existing aircraft.

“We expect to see a minimum of 3.5% improvements in our fuel consumption and a minimum of 5% in our range thanks to this added technology,” says Whitehurst. The 767-300ER winglets are scheduled for certification in November 2008 and APB says it will give block fuel savings of up to 5%, take off performance and/or payload improvements measured in tons and range increases of up to 350nm.

Source: Flight Daily News