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    OPINION: Trump's unfriendly fire threatens F-35


    ​In regular instalments of 144 characters or less, the incoming US president appears committed to publicly renegotiating the terms of major defence contracts.

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    OPINION: Commercial sales dip provides breathing space


    ​It says a lot about the health of the commercial airliner business when a likely combined orders tally of just under 1,000 jets for Airbus and Boeing in 2016 will be looked on as decidedly average.

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    ​OPINION: Airlines still waiting despite seismic 2016


    While 2016 will be remembered as a year of seismic shifts on the political landscape, the impact of these on the airline sector are still to fully filter through.

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    OPINION: Boeing feels the pressure on Air Force One


    ​In Donald Trump’s first act as weapons buyer-in-chief, the incoming US president shocked industry by demanding the cancellation of the Air Force One replacement programme, citing “out of control” costs.

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    OPINION: Range matters for Middle East business jet buyers


    ​Whether for business or leisure, for the ultra-wealthy of the Arabian Gulf, being able to fly without stopping to New York and other US East Coast cities is a major plus. There is currently one business jet able to perform such a task – the Gulfstream G650ER. As a result, ...

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    OPINION: Western fighter manufacturers can breathe easier


    ​Western fighter manufacturers can breathe a collective sigh of relief as 2016 draws to a close.

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    OPINION: Why lawyers are the only WTO winners


    ​Once again the World Trade Organisation (WTO) has ruled on claims of illegal subsidies in the large aircraft market, and once again, both Airbus and Boeing are claiming victory.

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    OPINION: Boeing's aftermarket strategy will require new approach


    ​By 2027, Boeing will be an aviation and aerospace aftermarket juggernaut, controlling as much as 20% of the global market, or twice the market share claimed by GE Aviation, the biggest player today.

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    OPINION: Canada's F-35 participation deserves scrutiny


    ​Canada’s crazily protracted process to acquire a new fighter has been the subject of another unexpected plot twist, with its defence minister announcing a plan to order an interim batch of 18 Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornets.

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    OPINION: Narrowbody backlogs vital to industry's financial health


    ​For Airbus and Boeing, financial health over the next four years depends on two things: executing a historically steep ramp-up for single-aisle aircraft and keeping enough customers in the order book to justify that output hike in the first place.

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    OPINION: Hard Brexit carries risk for aviation


    ​The UK government is talking up Brexit opportunities around the globe but at the moment it is the great unknowns that are causing concern. Among them is what happens to the UK’s participation in the EU’s open-skies arrangement, under which any European airline can fly between two points in the ...

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    OPINION: Recovering Bombardier needs four more good years


    ​Bombardier is now nearly a year into a five-year recovery plan outlined by chief executive Alain Bellemare last December, and, so far, so (mostly) good.

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    OPINION: President Trump should make aerospace nervous


    ​To put it mildly, the year 2016 will not be remembered fondly by proponents of globalisation. A protectionist tide spills over borders in the West and East, placing the present structure of the aerospace industry in a rather awkward position.

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    OPINION: Why business aviation must innovate to drive recovery


    ​In business aviation, sales slumps are usually broken by the arrival of new products, which explains why most forecasts predict any recovery will occur after 2017. That aligns with the arrival of several impressive models, such as the Bombardier Global 7000, Cessna Citation Longitude, Gulfstream G500 and Pilatus PC-24.

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    OPINION: Beijing puts firepower on show with J-20


    ​Terrorists and Western defence equipment had a bad time at this year’s Airshow China in Zhuhai. Hardened bunkers, speeding trucks and warships were no match for the barrage of missiles and bombs launched by Chinese-built fighters and unmanned air vehicles – all seemingly co-ordinated by emotionless men in sterile control ...

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    OPINION: Contractors must recognise new US procurement rules


    ​There is a new era in military aircraft procurement with new rules and customs, which contractors will ignore only at grave peril.

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    OPINION: Why $8bn gamble should pay off for Rockwell Collins


    ​Rockwell Collins’s planned “transformational” acquisition of aircraft cabin equipment manufacturer B/E Aerospace is an indication that size matters when competing for supplier contracts in an increasingly cut-throat market.

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    OPINION: Why America still needs business aviation


    ​As the industry prepares to gather for the annual ­National Business Aviation Association convention in Orlando, the US economy is seven years into a post-2008 upswing – but facing the uncertainty of a presidential election in which there is a chance that the most maverick and unpredictable candidate of modern ...

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    OPINION: Should the search for missing MH370 be extended?


    ​The shock disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in March 2014 is one of the most keenly ­debated and puzzling aviation mysteries of our time.

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    OPINION: How the World has changed with Airbus


    ​Forty-two years ago, as Airbus was handing over its first A300 to Air France, much of Asia was a mess. War raged in Cambodia and Vietnam and, at the end of Chairman Mao’s calamitous rule, China’s economy lay in tatters. While Japan, Malaysia and South Korea had embarked on industrial ...