Finmeccanica's helicopter unit AgustaWestland has taken delivery of the first complete Future Lynx airframe from GKN.

The airframe, for which AgustaWestland is the design authority, has a part count 80% lower than that of the Super Lynx. To achieve this part-count reduction GKN Aerospace made extensive use of monolithic machine components. Three-dimensional digital modelling was also deployed, to ensure accurate part-to-part assembly.

Future Lynx airframe - GKN 

GKN is responsible for supplying complete, assembled airframes for 70 Future Lynx helicopters to the British Army (below) and UK Royal Navy. Airframe assembly takes place at GKN's Yeovil facility in Somerset, which has for seven years supplied all Lynx airframes to AgustaWestland.

 Future Lynx Army W445
© AgustaWestland

Source: Flight International