Korea Aerospace Industries has signed a deal to provide an additional KUH-1P helicopter to the Korea National Police, a variant of the company’s KUH-1 Surion.

The police already have two KUH-1Ps, which bears the name “Chamsuri,” and will receive a third by the end of 2015, says KAI. The deal for the fourth was signed on 20 October.

The deal for the fourth aircraft is with KRW21.7 billion ($19 million).

The first two aircraft entered service in December 2013. The KUH-1P is especially well suited for long range missions to South Korea’s islands, says KAI. Its hoist is also complemented by cameras that allow the crew to more easily see people on the ground in mountainous regions.

It can also operate in regions close to North Korea, where electromagnetic jamming is possible.

An auxiliary fuel tank boosts range by over 40% to 730km, and flight time by 30% to four hours.

Source: FlightGlobal.com