Elbit Systems has expanded its portfolio of payloads with the recent launch of a hyperspectral sensor for its Hermes 450 and Hermes 900 tactical unmanned air systems.

Developed by Elbit subsidiary Elop and the subject of recent flight tests, the new payload enables the simultaneous imaging of a region of interest at different wavelengths. Elop says this will add a new dimension to intelligence-gathering, by allowing an operator to detect and track targets on the basis of their material signature over a broad spectral range and at extremely high resolution.

The airborne sensor is complemented by a ground segment that provides mission planning, plus automatic interpretation of collected images and data.

 Elbit Hermes 900 UAV

© Elbit Systems

The new payload is suitable for carriage by the Hermes 900

Beyond its application for military customers, Elop said the new technology also has commercial and scientific use, with possible tasks to include detecting maritime pollution, locating mineral deposits and monitoring vegetation.

Source: Flight International