Germany's secretary of state for the environment Katherina Reiche has stressed the importance of preserving biodiversity, as Airbus agreed to co-operate on a plan aimed at protecting a rare species of bird, the northern bald ibis.

The airframer, which is recognising efforts to stem biodiversity decline through a United Nations partnership, will help the Andalusian government and the German bird park Weltvogelpark Walsrode to build an isolated colony in Cadiz.

Climate change has gained extensive exposure. "But loss of biodiversity is not a great priority [in people's minds]," Reiche told Flight Daily News.

Airbus is carrying the green International Year of Biodiversity 2010 logo on one of its A380 test aircraft.

Katherina Reiche - German secretary of state for t 
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"I wouldn't call myself an expert," admitted Airbus chief Tom Enders. "But the loss of biodiversity can be so far-reaching for our societies globally, and have a ripple effect on the economy - and those doing business.

"It's very hard for the chief executive of an aviation company not to be concerned about that."

Source: Flight Daily News