In the production of our Airliner Maintenance Directory (15-21 February), the country header for Finland and the entry for Finnair were unfortunately omitted.

The details for Finnair are as follows:

FINNAIR, Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, 01530 Vantaa. Tel: +358 (0) 818 81; fax: +358 (0) 818 6900; telex: 121548.

Airframe engineers: 100+.

Engine engineers: 100+.

Avionics engineers: 100+.

Principal makes serviced: MDC DC-10-30, MD-11, DC-9, MD-80, Saab 340, ATR 42, 72.

Wide body space: 8.

Narrow body space: 33.

Commuter space: 9.

Large fans serviced: CF6.

Small fans serviced: JT8D.

Turboprops serviced: PW100.

The details for Euravia Engineering & Supply and European Aviation Maintenance on page 62 of the survey were transposed.

Source: Flight International