Russian industrial collaboration was on display at MAKS in the form of the Rysachok twin turboprop.

Designed by the Technoavia bureau, which is headed by Slava Kondratiev, a former chief designer at Yakovlev and Sukhoi, production of the type is being undertaken by TsSKB Progress - more famous for the Soyuz rocket - in Samara. The latter firm has taken on the role as a means of filling under-utilised manufacturing capacity.

The Rysachok shown at MAKS was painted in a military colour scheme mimicking the Russian air force livery, and featured twin fuselage-mounted rocket pods.

Rysachok twin turboprop


In this configuration it is being offered to the Russian air force as a multirole aircraft for training, liaison, transport and other duties.

TsSKB Progress says this example is the fifth to be built and the last of an initial production batch. Of these, three are flying examples and the remainder are destined for static and fatigue testing.

A second five-strong production run is under way, with four to be built in a 10-passenger variant and a solitary stretched airframe to accommodate 16 passengers.

Source: Flight International