Julian Moxon/PARIS

The recently formed Asset Management arm of Franco-Italian regional aircraft manufacturer ATR has signed new contracts placing 23 used ATR 42s and 72s with nine airlines. The organisation predicts that it will have placed around 50 used aircraft by the end of the year, by which time "-we will have no used aircraft in stock", claims ATR Asset Management senior vice-president Paulo Revelli-Beaumont.

Created in July following the departure of British Aerospace from the AI(R)consortium, ATR Asset Management is now responsible for used and financed aircraft portfolios. According to Revelli-Beaumont, ATR oversees the activity of around 200 aircraft in which it has a financial involvement as manufacturer. "About half of [these] are under active management," he explains.

The organisation expects sales from leases in 1998 of $60-70 million, representing around 7% of total ATR activity. Revelli-Beaumont says that he is not worried about the glut in the used aircraft market, which he says is affecting mainly the 19/30-seater sector in the USA. "Demand for the ATR 42 is high," he says, adding that "-lease rates are holding up well". These stand at $85,000-87,000 a month for a 1990/1 ATR 42, or $65,000 for a 1986 model.

Source: Flight International