Airbus outsells Boeing in 2013

Airbus has managed to outsell Boeing during 2013 despite a strong performance by the US airframer in December.

While Airbus has yet to detail its figures – the manufacturer will disclose the results on 13 January – a source familiar with the situation says its year-end totals exceed those of its rival.

Boeing’s gross orders last year reached 1,531 aircraft and the company ended the year with 1,355 net.

Airbus had taken 1,373 gross and 1,314 net orders by the end of November 2013 but December is typically a highly active period.

The airframer has already revealed orders for 25 A330s for AirAsia X as well as 50 A380s for Emirates, while a Chinese carrier firmed a deal for 20 A320s.

It has also yet to feature three A330s for Air Algerie.

The airframer aimed to deliver 620 aircraft last year, with increased production on its A330 and A320 lines, despite a temporary slowing of A380 manufacture.

Airbus has yet to catch up on Boeing’s output, which totalled 648 deliveries in 2013, but the airframer expects to take the lead position around 2017-18 as it ramps up A350 production.

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