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  • Boeing rolls out first 787 Dreamliner vertical fin

Boeing rolls out first 787 Dreamliner vertical fin

Boeing have rolled out of the first vertical fin for the company's new commercial airplane, the 787 Dreamliner.

Manufactured and assembled at the Composite Manufacturing Center in Frederickson, Washington, the vertical fin is the largest primary structure of the 787 airframe built by an internal Boeing supplier.

The delivery meets a key program milestone as the airplane begins final assembly in Everett, Washington, in preparation for its initial roll out in July.

The vertical fin assembly is an elliptical airfoil comprised of the leading edge, center box, trailing edge and rudder which, together, function as flight control surfaces that maintain yaw, or side-to-side horizontal movement of an airplane in flight.

boeing 787 vertical fin

Major assembly mechanics at the Boeing Frederickson Composite Manufacturing Center lower into place a skin panel sub-assembly on the main box of the first production 787 vertical fin

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