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Captain of crashed LAM E-190 experienced on type

Mozambique carrier LAM has released information indicating that the captain of the Embraer 190 that crashed en route to Luanda on 29 November was experienced on the type.

In a statement released on 1 December, the carrier said the captain of the flight had logged 9,053 flight hours, of which 2,520 were on the E-190 and 1,395 were in command of an aircraft.

The first officer meanwhile had clocked 1,418 flight hours, of which 108h were on the E-190.

Both pilots held valid airline transport pilot licences, says LAM.

The regional jet went missing on 29 November while operating flight TM470 from Maputo to Luanda, with the wreckage located a day later. All 27 passengers and six crew members died in the crash.

The jet, with registration C9-EMC, had logged 2,905 flight hours over 1,877 flights. The aircraft and engines underwent routine maintenance on 28 November, a day before the fatal crash.

The General Electric CF34-powered Embraer 190, built in 2012, entered service with the carrier in November 2012 and is owned by lessor ALC.

Authorities from Namibia will be leading the investigation into the crash while civil aviation authorities from Mozambique, Angola, Brazil and the US National Transportation Safety Bureau will also be involved.

LAM says recovery teams from the airline and Kenyon International arrived in Namibia on 1 December and are making their way to the accident site.

“We cannot engage in speculation on likely or possible causes as this would be unhelpful and could be seen as an attempt to unfairly influence or pre-empt the investigations,” says LAM.

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