Cessna secures exclusive contract with Pan Am International Flight Academy

Pan Am International Flight Academy has selected Cessna as its exclusive provider of new, non-complex single-engined trainers.

Under the terms of the agreement, announced on 31 August at the Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium in Singapore, Cessna will provide an undisclosed number of aircraft, including the Skyhawk 172 piston-single, along with a training, maintenance and support package.

Neither company has revealed the length of the agreement nor the other aircraft types under consideration. Cessna’s piston-single range also includes the Skylane 182, Turbo Stationair HD and TTx.

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Textron Aviation

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Pan Am International Flight Academy and its subsidiary Pan Am Career Pilot provide more than 200 professional training programmes for flight crew, dispatchers, mechanics, pilots and airline cadets.

Cessna parent company Textron Aviation says the four-seat Skyhawk is the most-delivered aircraft type in history. Since it entered service in 1955, more than 43,000 units have been shipped to customers worldwide.