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Cessna to begin month-long furlough

Furloughs at Cessna Aircraft Company will hit all locations and divisions Monday, including top executives.

Only a skeleton crew will keep Cessna afloat as it continues to endure rolling layoffs already underway.

From Monday, June 22 to July 21 the company will be virtually shut down, confirms Cessna spokesperson Angela Baldwin.

"Its a company wide mandatory furlough," she says, "There are very few pockets of people staying on certain projects."

Among those, she says, are customer service duties and the CJ4 program.

"Some groups of people are taking their furloughs at diferrent times, but the majority are going to be shut down."

Cessna in April initially announced plans for a one month company-wide furlough, including production shutdown, this summer. But at the time Cessna did not set an exact date for the furlough and it was not initially expected to include the executive team. Baldwin acknowledges the furlough has become more extensive with CEO Jack Pelton also expected to take off for at least a portion of the month.

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