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  • Charter carrier Yak Service operated crashed Yak-42: MAK

Charter carrier Yak Service operated crashed Yak-42: MAK

Russian investigators believe the Yakovlev Yak-42 aircraft involved in an accident at Yaroslavl was an airframe operated by charter specialist Yak Service.

The Interstate Aviation Committee (MAK) has tentatively identified the trijet as bearing registration RA-42433 - although Flightglobal's fleet data indicates that this is a Yak-42 operated by Tatarstan Airlines.

There is a Yak-42 used by Yak Service which carries the sequential registration RA-42434.

MAK said preliminary information showed the aircraft had come down in the vicinity of the airport. It has started establishing a commission to investigate the crash.

Reports from Russia state that 36 occupants of the aircraft were killed when it came down, about 1nm after take-off, while transporting the local hockey team to Minsk. There are unconfirmed reports of one survivor.

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