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  • Comac and Boeing launch research centre in China

Comac and Boeing launch research centre in China

Comac and Boeing have launched an Aviation Energy Conservation and Emissions Reductions Technology Centre, following a collaboration agreement signed in March.

The Boeing-Comac centre will work on research projects that will increase fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Its first research project explores the refining of waste cooking oil to an alternative sustainable aviation fuel. This involves identifying the various contaminants in waste cooking oil and developing processes that could treat and clean the oil for use as jet fuel.

In addition, the centre will collaborate with China-based universities and research institutions to increase knowledge in areas like sustainable aviation biofuels and air traffic management, which will improve commercial aviation's efficiency levels and reduce carbon emission concurrently.

The centre, to be funded by both airframers, is located in Comac's new Beijing Aeronautical Science and Technology Research Institute.

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