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  • Dubai 2007: Certification milestone for long-range King Air

Dubai 2007: Certification milestone for long-range King Air

Hawker Beechcraft’s newest addition to the King Air family, the 350ER model, has been certificated. The extended range version has additional nacelle fuel tanks, and an increase in gross weight from 15,000lb to 16,500lb and heavy-weight landing gear.

“Whether the mission is patrolling economic exclusion zones, conducting maritime search and rescue activities, providing overland surveillance, or tankering fuel for extended-range commercial operations, the Beechcraft King Air 350ER provides proven reliability and unparalleled cost-effectiveness over a wide variety of military and civilian special missions,” says Ted Farid, vice president, New Business Development.

The additional range now gives the 350ER eight hour-plus endurance, and for special missions the ability to loiter low and slow, or cruise at over 300kt and 35,000ft. “Building on one of the most successful business aircraft of all time, the Beech King Air 350ER provides an exceptional, cost-effective platform for special-mission operators,” adds Farid. “The King Air continues to be the product of choice for companies, governments and individuals around the world.”

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