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  • EBACE 2008: NetJets Europe buys Falcon 2000LXs

EBACE 2008: NetJets Europe buys Falcon 2000LXs

NetJets Europe has acquired 20 Dassault Falcon 2000LX business jets for its booming fractional ownership programme and says it will convert its remaining 10 2000EXs on order to LX types.

The final 2000EX will be handed over to the Lisbon, Portugal-based operator in June and the first LX is earmarked for delivery in September.

Three to four LXs will be added to the fleet each year, says NetJets Europe business development manager Robert Dranitzke.

NetJets Europe already operates seven Falcon 2000s and nine 2000EXs and says it is committed to retrofitting all its EXs to the LX configuration.

"The Falcon 2000 is a very popular aircraft - particularly for customers wishing to fly transatlantic and to the Middle East. We sell these aircraft before they even arrive," says Dranitzke.

Developed from the 2000EX, which it will replace in service in 2010, LX features Aviation Partners-developed blended winglets that reduce drag by up to 5%.

The aircraft's range increases from 7,250km (3,920nm) to 7,400km at Mach 0.8 and it will climb to 41,000ft (12,500m) in 18min - 1min faster than the 2000EX.

NetJets Europe boasts 1,600 customers across its fractional and charter card programmes and a growing fleet of 145 aircraft. Around 35 new aircraft will be delivered this year.

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