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Elbit offers maritime version of Hermes-1500

Elbit Systems plans to display at the Paris air show next year a maritime mission version of its Hermes-1500 unmanned air vehicle it is now offering.

The maritime version is equipped with a synthetic aperture radar, electronic intelligence and and electro-optical payloads. The company claims it has taken a "totally new approach to maritime patrol" with the UAV's sensor package being operated from a single command post.Developed at what Elbit describes as a "slow pace" the company hopes it will become a leading UAV product that replaces manned maritime patrol aircraft.

"We offered this UAV too early. The potential users were not ready to accept it but we believe that this moment is approaching and then we will have a proven system," says Elbit's UAV division marketing vice president, Eli Yitzhaki.

The Hermes-1500 is capable of carrying 400kg (880lb) of different payloads and has the power output to operate these payloads for missions over 24h. The 15m (49ft) wing span, twin engine aircraft has a fully autonomous flight capabilty, a maximum take-off weight of 1,750kg, a cruising speed of 130kt (240km/h) and an operational ceiling of more than 33,000ft.

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