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Embraer Phenom 300 gains type certification in India

India's Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has awarded Embraer with a type certification for its Phenom 300 light jet, allowing the aircraft to be operated in the country.

The aircraft, which was first certified in December 2009 by Brazil's National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) and the US Federal Administration, is now accepted in almost 40 countries, Embraer said.

India is the third country in Asia Pacific, after Australia and Indonesia, to certify the Phenom 300.

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The Phenom 300 is powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW535-E engines with a 3,360lb (14.95kN) thurst and is one of the fastest aircraft in the light jet category, the company said.

The aircraft can reach 521mph (839km/h or 453kts). Its range of 1,971 nautical miles (3,650km), which includes its NBAA IFR fuel reserves, allows the aircraft to fly from Delhi or Mumbai to every major city in India. It can also fly non-stop on routes such as Delhi-Dubai and Bangalore-Singapore.

In 2010, 26 Phenom 300 aircraft were delivered globally.

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