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  • FAA approves Naverus pilots for PBN validations

FAA approves Naverus pilots for PBN validations

The US FAA this week authorized two pilots employed by performance-based navigation (PBN) provider, Naverus, to conduct flight validations of public and private PBN instrument flight procedures developed by the company for the US market.

According to Naverus, pilots Buzz Nelson and Kris Samms were required to complete an FAA flight validation ground school as well as simulator and in-aircraft flight checks with FAA regulators to secure the certification. The pilots also were qualified to perform ground and airborne obstacle evaluations, says Naverus.

The authorization will give the company the ability to validate PBN instrument flight procedures and special PBN Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) instrument flight procedures, including the final fly-ability checks, from beginning to end. Washington-based Naverus provides PBN consulting services, flight validation, and procedure design and maintenance to customers in 12 countries and provinces around the world.

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