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  • FARNBOROUGH: TAI unveils Anka unmanned air vehicle

FARNBOROUGH: TAI unveils Anka unmanned air vehicle

Turkish Aerospace Industries rolled out its first indigenous medium-altitude, long-endurance unmanned air vehicle in Ankara on 16 July, and also performed first engine start.

Named Anka (Turkish for Phoenix), the aircraft is due to enter flight test within the next two months.

TAI received a development and production contract from Turkey's SSM procurement acency in December 2004 to meet its armed forces' requirement for a MALE UAV system. The company will prepare three prototype air vehicles under the TIHA (Turkish UAV) deal, plus related ground systems. The total cost is $107 million.

To offer an endurance of 24h at altitudes up to 30,000ft (9,150m), the Anka will deliver real-time intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance services from early 2012. The UAV is 8m long, has a wingspan of 17.3m and has a maximum take-off weight of 1,600kg (3,530lb).

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The fully composite airframe has a detachable wing and V-Tail, and retractable landing gear. It is powered by a piston engine.

Payload options include an electro-optical/infrared camera and a synthetic aperture radar/ground moving target indicator and inverse SAR sensor.

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