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  • Fedex exercises Boeing 777F options

Fedex exercises Boeing 777F options

Fedex has exercised options for 15 Boeing 777 Freighters and has added options for another 15 aircraft.

The latest revision to the purchase agreement Fedex brokered with Boeing in 2006 now includes firm orders for 30 aircraft and 15 options.

Fedex in a filing with US regulators outlined 777F deliveries four fiscal years 2010-2019. The carrier's fiscal year runs from 1 June to 31 May.

Four 777Fs are scheduled for delivery in 2010, four in 2011and three in each fiscal year through 2018. The last scheduled for delivery in 2019.

Due to the changes in its purchase agreement Fedex says it capital expenditures for fiscal 2009 will rise by $15 million and by $2.75 billion over the next 10 fiscal years.

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