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  • FLIGHTBLOGGER: 787 first flight targets 14 December

FLIGHTBLOGGER: 787 first flight targets 14 December

Boeing's 787 first flight window opens on 14 December, reports Flightglobal affiliate FlightBlogger.

The new date, reports FlightBlogger, accelerates the internal schedule for first flight by about eight days, reflecting the programme's rising confidence.

Previous reports had targeted 22 December for first flight.

The final date of the 787's first flight is ultimately dependent the validation of the side-of-body modification, the readiness of the aircraft and its systems, as well as cooperation of weather in Seattle.

Boeing has declined to specify a date for 787 first flight, but maintains that the aircraft will fly before the close of December.

The American airframer is currently in the process of a 10-day analysis of data collected during recent static tests aimed at validating the 787's side-of-body reinforcement. While this process is on-going, Boeing is preparing ZA001, the first flight test aircraft, for its maiden flight.

ZA001 was returned to the flight line on 30 November to begin preparations for first flight that recently included auxillary power unit and engine runs.

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