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  • FLIGHTBLOGGER: LAN set to take early 787 slots

FLIGHTBLOGGER: LAN set to take early 787 slots

Santiago-based carrier LAN is set to make a major acceleration in its delivery of its first Boeing 787 after a slot swap with Japan's All Nippon Airways (ANA), say sources close to the Latin American carrier and the US airframer.

Two delivery slots from the early batch of aircraft scheduled for delivery in late 2010 and early 2011 have been reallocated from ANA to LAN, reports FlightBlogger.

According to a source at the airline, the first 787-8s were intended for delivery to LAN in 2015 after accumulating more than two years of delays.

LAN 787 

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LAN declined to discuss the change, as "there exists a confidentiality agreement with Boeing. The company will inform about this issue if and when it is appropriate".

Boeing also declined to discuss the shift as a matter of policy to not comment publicly on delivery schedules, saying that "occasionally we and our customers make order adjustments that better support their overall fleet needs, while allowing us to successfully manage our production plan".


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