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Good Week - Bad Week

Good Week

Hawaiian Airlines The Honolulu-based carrier saw rising fuel prices wipe out revenue gains to leave it $19.9 million in the red for the first quarter, but the subsequent demise of rivals Aloha and ATA gave a boost to its plans to raise inter-island fares and charge for second pieces of checked luggage. And settlement of a long-running legal dispute over regional rival Mesa's alleged misuse of confidential information left Hawaiian $52.5 million in pocket


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Bad Week

EOS The all-premium London Stansted-New York JFK carrier filed for Chapter 11 and called in the receivers after failing to close the deal on a $50 million financing package that chief executive Jack Williams said "would have carried us to corporate profitability in 2009". He added: "After overcoming today's extremely challenging economic and credit environment to negotiate terms for a round of financing, it is regrettable that we were forced to take this action."


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