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  • Industry funded Cranfield vehicle health management centre starts work

Industry funded Cranfield vehicle health management centre starts work

Cranfield University has officially opened an integrated vehicle health management (IVHM) centre at its Cranfield, UK site, with four launch partners: BAE Systems, Boeing, Meggitt and Rolls-Royce.

The centre's initial project is to map IVHM applications to their prospective industrial sectors. At a launch event earlier this month, a team demonstrated remote maintenance support from a live boroscope video feed from a helicopter engine inspection. In an industrial scenario, this feed would go to a support desk manned by analysts capable of making a repair decision.

The centre has a £3 million infrastructure investment from the East of England Development Agency, while university co-founder Boeing and the other launch partners are each investing £1 million for a five-year period.

"We want manual [health management] activities automated. We are interested in what is the right data. What would really make a difference. We want to predict and diagnose problems before they happen," says Boeing Phantom Works support technology director Peter Lawrence, the centre's first two-year term chairman. Boeing has also two assigned two technical fellows to the centre.

To continue operations beyond 2014, the university wants 12 core partners, a group that could include AgustaWestland, which visited the centre earlier this month for briefing on the project.

The centre also has a member partnership class. This is for an annual fee of £30,000 and could give an organisation such as a government agency observer status.

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