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  • Learjet 85 on track for 2013 service entry

Learjet 85 on track for 2013 service entry

Bombardier says it has completed a number of product development milestones on the Learjet 85 programme and is "forging ahead" for service entry of the all composite midsize business jet - Bombardier's first clean-sheet Learjet design in more than decade - in 2013.

"We have completed over 60 significant programme milestones as proof points to our progress," says Ralph Acs, vice-president of the Learjet 85 programme.

"We are well into the joint definiton phase, have firm agreements with all major suppliers on the programme including propulsion, air systems, avionics, electrical, hyrdo-mechanics, structures and interiors. We are also progressing as planned with the Wichita and [Queretaro] Mexico site expansions as we prepare for production."

Two proof-of-concept fuselages have been built to date at the Canadian airframer's Montreal base and all wind tunnel testing has been completed.

The aircraft's outside mould has been frozen and Bombardier says it is gearing up to start the detailed design phase later this year.

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