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Live TV on air in Europe

Inflight entertainment (IFE) manufacturer LiveTV has won a contract to supply seat-back audio/video systems for Italian carrier Air One’s 30 new Airbus A320s, marking the JetBlue Airways subsidiary’s entry into the European market, writes Mary Kirby.

The deal calls for LiveTV to provide equipment to support multi-channel audio and video programming. On-board digital servers will store video content and a wireless datalink will be installed on all aircraft to enable fast content uploads and data exchange between ground stations and the aircraft. LiveTV will also offer Air One support and content management services.

Air One’s service will not include live television, such as that offered by JetBlue and other North American operators. “This is not a satellite TV product. Air One has purchased a system that will provide every customer with four channels of video and 20 channels of audio on their own seat-back display,” says JetBlue.

Installation of the IFE systems will begin in the fourth quarter, covering Air One’s initial 30-aircraft order. The Italian operator also has the option to install the LiveTV system on future A320 deliveries.

Air One in January announced its first deal for Airbus aircraft, placing firm orders for 30 A320s which will gradually replace its 29-strong fleet of Boeing 737s.

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