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  • Monarch explains decision to axe 787 order

Monarch explains decision to axe 787 order

Monarch cancelled its Boeing 787 order because it was not the right aircraft for its long-haul strategy.

The UK airline's managing director Kevin George said: "When we analysed the latest performance of the 787 and then tried to estimate when we might see those aircraft, we concluded that actually for the kind of long-haul market that we see for the future, it's not the right airplane."

Speaking at the World Low Cost Airlines Congress in London on 19 September, George said the decision was "mostly a question of timing". He explained that although he believed there was a leisure market for long-haul, it represented only 15% of Monarch's business which was now more focused towards developing its scheduled short-haul operations.

Monarch cancelled its order for six 787s in August.

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