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  • Pakistan orders DB-110 pods for F-16 fleet

Pakistan orders DB-110 pods for F-16 fleet

Goodrich has won a $72 million contract to provide Pakistan with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance pods and related items for its Lockheed Martin F-16 fighters.

The main component of the deal comprises five dual-band DB-110 pods, says the US Department of Defense.

According to Goodrich, the DB-110 reconnaissance sensor provides three independent optical fields of view, allowing it to perform the following ISR missions: long-range stand-off, medium-range oblique and overflight, and low-altitude direct overflight.

The deal also includes two datalink upgrades to existing pods, plus ground stations, spares, manuals, in-country installation and engineering support.

"This supports a Foreign Military Sale programme and Pakistani F-16 aircraft," says the DoD. At this time, $17.3 million of the total value has been obligated, it adds.

Pakistan is fighting Islamic insurgents in its western provinces on its border with Afghanistan, placing a premium on reconnaissance assets. The nation's air force operates F-16A/B and C/D-model aircraft.

Goodrich has previously sold the DB-110 to other F-16 operators, including Poland.

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