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PARIS: Rafael reveals latest air-to-air missile

Rafael has unveiled its longest range air-to-air missile, the I-Derby ER.

It is the upgraded version of the company’s combat-proven air-to-air missile and has an operational range of 100km.

Yaniv R, marketing manager for Rafael’s air superiority systems division, says the missile is equipped with a new seeker which employs an advanced software defined radar (SDR) based on combat-proven technology derived from the Tamir interceptor, which is used in Rafael’s Iron Dome system.

Rafael developed the Derby missile in the late 1980s as the “Beyond Visual Range” missile. It is equipped with an active radar solid state seeker to provide the missile with a ‘fire and forget’ engagement capability, beyond visual range and under all weather conditions.

“The fact that software controls the seeker enables the missile to adapt to new emerging threats,” says Yaniv R.

The new version is also equipped with a two pulse booster. The first is used at launch and the second is used before the missile hits the target. The addition of a dual booster did not result in changes to the missile’s dimensions.

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