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  • PICTURES: Austria takes delivery of last Eurofighter interceptor

PICTURES: Austria takes delivery of last Eurofighter interceptor

The last of 15 Eurofighters on order for the Austrian air force was delivered to the service's Zeltweg air base on 24 September, completing the production phase of a deal signed in July 2003.

Delivered from July 2007, Austria's fleet of single-seat Eurofighter Typhoons has been used by its air force's 1st Fighter Wing since 2008 to provide air policing cover.

Acquired under a deal that is worth more than €1.6 billion ($2.3 billion) following a reduction in airframe numbers from the originally planned 18, the type has replaced Austria's previous inventory of Northrop F-5 interceptors.

The Austrian defence ministry says its Eurofighters have so far flown almost 1,300 sorties totalling more than 1,100 flight hours.


Both images © Dietmar Fenners/EADS
Austria's last Eurofighter left Manching on 24 September

EADS handed over the nation's last aircraft at its Manching production facility near Munich, Germany. "With this aircraft we are close to the 200th Typhoon being delivered, a target that we hope to reach by the end of this year," says Eurofighter chief executive Enzo Casolini.

The type is also in service with the air forces of Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Spain and the UK.

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