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  • Shipments of Aircell SwiftBroadband solution begin

Shipments of Aircell SwiftBroadband solution begin

Shipments to customers of Aircell's new SwiftBroadband-supported in-flight connectivity solution have begun following full certification of the product.

The first installation, aboard an executive Dornier 328JET operated by Venezuela's Aviando Services, is being completed by 328 Support Services at its Oberpfaffenhofen facility near Munich, Germany.

Powered by Thrane & Thrane, Aircell's SwiftBroadband solution allows passengers to use their personal laptops and Smartphones for e-mail and light Internet services during flight. They can also use the system's integrated cabin handsets to make and receive voice calls.

"Our SwiftBroadband solution is an ideal fit for business aircraft operators with global connectivity needs," says Aircell senior vice president and general manager John Wade.

The solution was recently selected by Jet Republic of Lisbon, Portugal, for its entire fleet of aircraft. The order, which covers 110 systems, remains the largest SwiftBroadband system order ever placed, says Aircell.

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