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  • Thailand offered UAV training service

Thailand offered UAV training service

Innocon and its Thai partner, G-Force Composites, are offering a new training solution for the G-Star tactical unmanned air system (UAS) now being evaluated by the Royal Thai Air Force.

Based on Innocon's MiniFalcon-2 design, the G-Star has a maximum take-off weight of 220kg (485lb). Thailand has purchased one system and is evaluating it against other UAS, including the Aerostar produced by Israel's Aeronautics Defense Systems.

Using simulation capabilities supplied by Simlat, the training system can be integrated with an operational UAS console to provide a realistic training setting for G-Star operators. Its purpose is to train them in mission aspects such as flight patterns, payload operation and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance activities.

"Customers can now prepare for emergencies and diverse mission scenarios in addition to basic operation training," said Innocon chief executive Michael Armon. "This reduces certification costs, increases safety and yields high customer satisfaction."

G-Force has so far specialised in manufacturing composite structures and supplied some for UAS developed by Innocon. The G-Star is the first result of a cooperation agreement signed by the companies earlier this year.

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