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The Boeing 737 story

Forty-one years since its launch, the 5,000th example of the Boeing 737 has rolled off the production line. Flight International experts look into the past, present and the future of the venerable narrowbody.

  The Long stretch

It is almost 40 years old, but, bolstered by a record sales backlog, Boeing is pushing its venerable and vigorous 737 off in new directions. Guy Norris investigates.

  Little Wonder

The best-selling 737 is a true record breaker, but surprisingly struggled for life in its early years. Boeing even once offered to sell it to the Japanese. Read more on the project story by Guy Norris.

  Next in line

With the narrowbody market so valuable, it is vital for Airbus and Boeing to be spot on with their A320 and 737 successors, both in technology and timing. Chris Kjelgaard reports.

  Smoke and mirrors

While officially downplaying the prospects for next-generation replacements for the A320 and 737, Airbus and Boeing are increasingly engaged in the early study stages, with formal initiatives launched on both sides. Guy Norris researches  how.

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