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USA acts to avoid 9/11 repetition

The USA has imposed temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) for 11 September in areas surrounding the terrorist attack crash sites in New York, Washington DC and Somerset, Pennsylvania, instituting a "30min seat rule" on commercial flights and limiting general aviation flights. 

For the morning of 11 September over Washington DC and Somerset, and for nearly three days over New York, there will be limits on flying at altitudes below 18,000ft within a 30nm (55km) radius of the crash sites, where commemorative ceremonies are scheduled. For airline flights into and out of all airports in these areas, passengers will be required to remain seated for 30min after take-off and prior to landing. This rule has been in effect at Washington National since the airport reopened last October.

GA in the three TFR zones will be banned or limited to aircraft operating under instrument flight rules (IFR) flight plans, which must be filed at least 6h before take-off.

Special air traffic management procedures will be in effect for all flights in these areas, says the FAA. These include increased airborne holding times and greater separation distances, it says.

In the New York area, there will be no GA flying in the TFR area before, during and after public outdoor events from 0700h on 11 September until 2000h on 13 September. At other times, GA flying will be limited to IFR operations.

In the Washington DC area, there will be no flying over or near an 11 September morning Pentagon ceremony. GA flying will be limited to IFR in the outer TFR zone.   

In Somerset, the TFR zone will be centred on the ceremony site, near the crash site of United Airlines flight 93.

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