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Webbies 2008 - Best Online Marketing Campaign

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Best Online Marketing Campaign

Who’s this category for?

Websites that have been active in marketing their services or products in 2008

Criteria: the Best Marketing Campaign recognises the most effective marketing programme or campaign to support a brand or product. It is awarded to the campaign that demonstrated a clear use of multimedia, together with originality and effectiveness.

Judges: Thom Clayton (Head of Online Sales – Flight), Naomi Landau (Client Services Director – AGA)

Year of Learjet
Features: launched to reinvigorate the Learjet brand and successfully launch the new Learjet 85. Two websites showcase the Learjet portfolio, while the Learjet 85 microsite aimed at releasing information in phases on the new aircraft programme. Serves as a sales tool for the new aircraft, including a members’ section to inform clients and qualified leads of the Learjet 85 in greater detail.
Judges liked: an outstanding example. Sleek, professional, engaging and informative. Clearly succeeds in reinvigorating the Learjet brand as a whole and of introducing the Learjet 85. Very clear and consistent message. Great use of videos and interactive areas covering key features of the Learjet 85 programme. Highly stimulating user experience.

Honeywell IntuVue 3D Weather Radar
Features: part of an integrated marketing communications campaign launching its IntuVue family of advanced weather radar systems. Communicate and visually demonstrate the features and operational benefits of IntuVue through static and interactive content.
Judges liked: delivers across all its campaign objectives. Instantly engaging and informative, enticing the user to explore. Delivers on the core requirement of communicating the features and benefits of IntuVue through intelligent use of animated features and demos.

SaveAtLCK (Rickenbacker International airport)
Features: markets the benefits of Rickenbacker International airport to air cargo decision makers. Underlines the urgency of the industry situation. Uses humour and character to show how to cost save by flying to the airport.
Judges liked: delivers a strong and compelling message in a simple and straightforward format. User friendly design, with supporting graphics to ensures the key benefits are communicated.


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