A Royal Netherlands Air Force Boeing AH-64D Apache attack helicopter hit a power cable during a night flying exercise from Gilze Rijen air base on 12 December, leaving more than 50,000 homes without electricity for two days.

The aircraft’s crew, who were using night vision goggles at the time of the accident, made an emergency landing in a field near the village of Hurwenen, escaping injury. The 301 Sqn Apache was transported to Gilze Rijen by truck on 14 December, where an investigation board will conduct further research to determine the cause of the incident.

 Apache crane
© Dutch defence ministry

The Dutch air force launched an intensive campaign of Apache night flying in mid-September, with sorties to be flown four nights per week until April 2008. The work will support the service’s ongoing deployment of six attack helicopters to Afghanistan.

Additional reporting by Joris van Boven


Source: FlightGlobal.com