Further details have emerged after one of Boeing's 747-8F flight test aircraft struck an airport tug causing significant damage to the exterior of the number four General Electric GEnx-2B engine.

The incident, which took place at Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville on 31 May, was disclosed by Boeing on 3 June.

According to an incident report written following the collision, RC521, one of four aircraft in the 747-8F test fleet impacted the parked tug as it was fuelled to a gross weight of 379,000kg (835,000lbs).

747-8F Engine Cowl Damage

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When the tug cut loose, the aircraft was said to have deflected 10 to 15cm (4 to 6in).

The result of the impact was a 88.9 x 43.2cm (35 x 17in) hole on the aircraft's inlet cowl then "tapering into a dent 12.7cm (5in) in length on either side of the hole".

Additionally, the engine fan inlet cowl suffered a "jagged puncture through the honeycomb" that measured 43.2cm long and 2.5cm wide.

Boeing says the damage was superficial and none of the engine components were damaged in the collision.

No one was injured during the incident.

The aircraft returned to flight testing on 6 June following repairs to the engine cowl and inlet.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news