Conceptual definition of a new Russian turbofan to power United Aircraft's proposed MS-21 twinjet has reached a firm design stage, with development costs estimated at Rb35 billion ($1.1 billion).

Initially dubbed the PS-14, after Aviadvigatel's PS engine family, the project has been redesignated as the PD-14 - the Russian abbreviation for "prospective engine".

Aviadvigatel's Moscow representative says that this also reflects a broad collaborative effort that involves other constituent firms of the United Engine Corporation.

The company's chief Andrei Reus says the PD-14 concept design envisaged "an array of principally new engineering solutions, including the use of cutting-edge technologies and modern materials".

While one version of the MS-21 will be fitted with the PD-14, the other will be powered by an engine based on Pratt & Whitney's PW1000G geared turbofan to give customers a choice and provide competition.

"At this point, the funding is coming from the state budget. But we'll raise loans when the project moves to the production," says Reus.

The PD-14's development timetable should be finalised in March to allow certification trials to begin in 2014.

Goodrich will supply the MS-21's flight control actuation system as part of the twinjet's complete integrated flight control system, which is being produced by Russia's Aviapribor.

Source: Flight International