Ryanair has confirmed that it is doing all it can to have Ryanair Pilot Group's Facebook and Twitter accounts shut down.

The RPG - which bills itself as having been "created by pilots for pilots" - says it has started a new Facebook page since its original account was closed by the social media organisation, which cited complaints that the RPG was misusing Ryanair intellectual property.

The group tells Flightglobal it has asked Facebook to be precise about the reasons for taking the site down, saying none has been given so far.

Meanwhile, the RPG's Twitter account has also been restarted after the group agreed to add a statement saying that it has no formal connections with Ryanair, which does not recognise a pilot union or negotiating body.

The Twitter disclaimer says: "We [the RPG] are not affiliated with Ryanair Limited or any of its affiliated companies."

Ryanair says: "We are currently applying to obtain all 'Ryanair' pages on all relevant social media outlets in order to prevent internet trolls masquerading as Ryanair. We don't comment on the Non-Ryanair Pilots Group, which is a PR front for the pilot unions of competitor airlines."

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news