Spanish investigators have opened an inquiry after an Air Nostrum Bombardier CRJ200 alternately lost power in each engine while in flight, during a domestic service to Santander.

The aircraft had departed Madrid, with 44 occupants, at 17:13 on 24 February.

Spain's ministry of transport says that "some miles" before landing at Santander, the right-hand General Electric CF34 engine stopped, followed by the left-hand one.

"The incident occurred for about no more than two minutes in total, always at least with one engine working," says a spokesman for the ministry.

"The crew activated the emergency [procedures] and suddenly both engines worked at the same time."

Nostrum CRJ200

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Spanish air accident investigation agency CIAIAC says the incident occurred 55nm (102km) from Santander.

It has identified the aircraft as a CRJ200ER registered EC-IKZ, serial number 7732, which Flight's ACAS database lists as a six-year old leased airframe.

"The landing operation was totally successful," says the ministry spokesman.

He adds that CIAIAC has requested information from Bombardier and General Electric to support its inquiry.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news