A new concept in critical care is being developed by Spectrum Aeromed (Stand E912) as it introduces its new Medical Emergency Treatment Unit (METU) at Dubai 2003.

Designed to deliver emergency treatment at trauma sites, METU can be easily transported via air or road.

The product is a self-contained unit equipped with a bed and life support equipment so medical personnel can stabilise patients on-site. Facilities include a monitor with EKG printing capabilities, two oxygen tanks, IV line with pump and syringe. Optional equipment includes an x-ray machine, anaesthesia machine, telemedicine machine and hand held brain scan device.

Both the oxygen and electrical systems have back-up modes for added efficiency and the base model unit has five large storage drawers for medical equipment or supplies.

"The amount of casualties at mass trauma sites can swamp local hospitals," says Dr Mubarak Al-Doub, international medical consultant. "We developed the METU so they could be used to make up mobile care units so patients are treated immediately."

Source: Flight Daily News