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VIDEO: Scandinavian Airlines Q400 gear collapses on landing injuring passengers

Five passengers have been injured during evacuation after a Scandinavian Airlines Bombardier Q400 suffered a main landing-gear collapse on touchdown at Aalborg in northern Denmark yesterday.

The aircraft had been operating domestic flight SK1209 from the capital Copenhagen when the accident occurred at 16:10.

SAS Group, of which Scandinavian Airlines is the main carrier, says there were 69 passengers and four crew members on board the turboprop.

Almost immediately after the aircraft touched down, its starboard main landing-gear buckled and caused the aircraft’s wing to drop. Its fuselage and starboard propeller struck the ground and the aircraft suffered damage before swerving sharply off the right side of the runway and coming to rest.

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SAS Group says that five of those on board were “lightly injured” during evacuation.

While the company has yet to identify the aircraft involved, there are unconfirmed indications that the Q400 is a seven-year old example registered LN-RDK. This aircraft, according to Flight’s ACAS database, is owned by Eagle Leasing Company.

Source: FlightGlobal.com