US business aircraft operator XOJet is fitting its fleet of Bombardier Challenger 300 and Cessna Citation X jets with Aircell's high-speed internet solution.

The company says that more than 70% of its fleet will be installed by the end of the month and the entire fleet is scheduled for completion in July, making San Carlos, California-based XOJet the first business aviation operator to offer wireless service on every flight in the continental USA.

Financial terms of the agreement between XOJet and Aircell have not been disclosed.

"High-speed internet will give our passengers exactly what they want - the ability to create an on-demand 'flying boardroom' to continue doing business in flight. With a fast connection that's easy to use, they simply connect and the entire internet is at their disposal. We're thrilled to offer it," says XOJet president Benjamin Murray.

But XOJet is also using the Aircell connectivity pipe for operational purposes. The company says flightcrews will remain connected to its centralised dispatch system via handheld mobile device, and electronic flight bag applications will be linked directly with each aircraft.

"This will allow automatic updates and real-time access to key safety and service data. The aircraft will also download real-time data en route, allowing the team to optimise the flight for comfort and safety and deliver unprecedented performance for customers," says XOJet.

Source: Flight International