EBACE: Boeing BBJ convertible is available

Washington DC
This story is sourced from Flight Daily News
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Boeing announced this afternoon the availability of the newest member of its business jet portfolio. The airframer is providing a multi-role convertible BBJ aircraft and is touting a transition time from an all-passenger to all-cargo configuration of less than 8h.

The BBJ C, for convertible, provides VIP operators such as governments, corporations and private individuals the ability to transition the aircraft from passenger usage to carrying a range of cargo, including disaster-relief supplies or patients requiring medical evacuation.

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The aircraft, built on the 737-700C platform, which was launched in 1997 for the US Navy, builds on a 737-700 fuselage, -800 wing and strengthened landing gear. The BBJ C, which becomes the 10th member of Boeing's BBJ family, was introduced at EBACE in 2006.

Its key feature is its large cargo door onto the left-hand side of the forward fuselage, enabling the loading of 86.9m3(3,086ft3) of cargo onto the aircraft's main deck.


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With 50 passengers and baggage, the BBJ C can fly up to 10,770km (5,815nm) and as far as 9,170km with a cargo load of up to eight main deck pallets weighing 9,070kg (20,000lb).