MAKS: Russian firm debuts shipping container-housed cruise missiles

This story is sourced from Flight International
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Russia's Morinformsystem-Agat used the MAKS air show to unveil a container-launched cruise missile concept, which it said has already attracted "considerable interest" from potential overseas customers.

To be armed with Novator 3M-54TE "Klub-K" surface-to-surface missiles and dubbed 'Pandora's Box', the design uses a standard 12m (40ft) shipping container, housing two weapons, communications and targeting equipment and a protected cabin for two operators.

After receiving targeting data via satellite while concealed aboard a ship, train or truck, the missiles would be raised to a vertical position using hydraulic rams before being fired.

Armed with a high-explosive penetrating warhead, the Klub-K can be used against land-based targets or surface vessels from a range of up to 270km (145nm).