Testing of a replacement ram-air turbine for the Yakovlev MC-21 has been carried out by researchers as part of an import-substitution effort for the aircraft.

Yakovlev is developing a version of the MC-21 which uses a higher proportion of Russian-built equipment, including Aviadvigatel PD-14 engines.

The turbine has been produced by specialist Kristall.

It has undergone tests at the Moscow-based Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute.

Ram-air turbine MC-21-c-TsAGI

Source: Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute

Import substitution involves producing domestic components to replace foreign-built ones

The institute says the work has included confirming the performance of the system over the entire operational speed and altitude range.

It examined timing and safety of the deployment and checked its ability to provide maximum electrical and hydraulic power at all flight speeds – including minimum levels.

The institute used a windtunnel to simulate altitudes up to 12,000m (39,400ft).

Kristall supported the studies by designing the necessary testing equipment for installation in the windtunnel.

“Flight safety is one of the priority issues when creating new aircraft,” says the institute. “That is why Russian developers are striving to equip aircraft with reliable domestic aviation systems.”